If an integration connected to your Mews account doesn't work, follow this troubleshooting process to try and fix the issue and re-enable data transfer.

Check that your integration is enabled

Navigate to Menu > Marketplace > My Subscriptions and check if the integration is enabled.

If the integration can't send information to Mews because it's disabled, you can enable it by clicking on Settings, ticking the Enabled box, then clicking Save in the bottom right corner.

If you have the Printer or Key cutter integrations

These integrations require external devices to be connected to Mews. When you cut a key or print a document from Mews, the system sends a command to external software.

When your printer doesn't print or key cutter doesn't cut, navigate to Menu > Queues > Device Commands and check if there are any errors around processing commands.

You can check the Status column to see if the command was successfully processed and the Notes column to read the error message if the command resulted in an error.

You can use the Device filter in the top right corner if you want to filter commands related to a specific device.

For troubleshooting of printer and key cutter integrations, check these help guides:

If it's a Channel Manager integration

When reservations are not being delivered from the Channel manager, check if you have the Receive reservations option enabled in your Channel manager integration.

Navigate to Menu > Marketplace > My Subscriptions > (Your Channel manager).

If your Rates, Restrictions or Availability are not being uploaded to your Channel manager, navigate to Menu > Marketplace > My Subscriptions > (Your Channel manager).

Make sure that the Upload rates, Upload restrictions, and Upload availability operations are enabled.

Scroll down and hit the Save button

After making sure your Channel manager integration is set up correctly, send an inventory update to see if you'll receive any configuration errors to your email:

  • Scroll down to Integration Options.

  • Select Push Inventory.

  • Select dates from Today to a week from today

  • Click OK in the bottom right corner.

After you've sent an inventory update, go to Menu > Queues > Channel manager.

In the Channel manager queue you'll be able to see if your inventory update was successfully processed or if it failed.

When Inventory pushes are failing, check the configuration of Channel manager rates, categories, products, and companies.

If it's a Partner Integration connection

If you have an integration like Mews CRM, POS, Event management, Revenue management etc., they are all independently built by our integration partners and connected to Mews using our Mews Open API, which functions as a data exchange tool.

This means the partner is therefore entirely responsible for their operation and maintaining the connection towards Mews, as per their certification.

When your partner integration connection is enabled in Mews and you don't receive anything from the integration partner, or information that you receive is incorrect, you will need to contact the integration partner's support for further investigation.

If it's an integration powered by Omniboost

Omniboost is a Mews partner who helps us build integration connections to certain Accounting systems and helps us with the support of those connections.

You can recognize Omniboost integration by the label under the name of the integration.

After adding Omniboost integration to your Marketplace subscriptions you will find the arrow for drop down menu on the integration connection. Navigate to Main menu > Marketplace > My subscriptions > (Your Omniboost integration)

In the drop down you can find contact detail of Omniboost support.

If you have any issue with an integration powered by Omniboost, contact them at [email protected], providing as many details as possible.

If it's the Mews Payments integration

If you can't create an online payment in Mews or your online transactions are not being processed or resulting in errors, contact us at [email protected]. Send us as many details as possible including screenshots of any errors and transaction IDs (if relevant).

If you can't fix the problem based on the error message

If you still can't fix your integration and you have tried all of the above, contact us at [email protected]. Send us as many details as possible including screenshots of any error messages you've received.

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