For properties using Adyen, payouts are done by Mews Finance Team manually every week. The payouts are sent for the settled charges from the previous week.

Mews Payments Balance Report

To match the payout, you will need to use the ID of the payout, which you can find in the Mews Payments Balance report by going to the Main menu > Finance > Merchant Balance.

When you open the Mews Payments Balance report, you can click on the Payout to view the charges, which were included in this specific payout.

Payment Report

If you would like to see the total breakdown including more details, such as which charges were made, by which guest, and using which Credit Card, then you will need to use the Payment report.

For example, if the payout was created on 03/08/20, you will need to check the previous week before this payout was sent. In this example, this is going to be from 28/07/20 to 03/08/20.

After you define the dates, go to the Payment report and use the following filters to find the charge:

  • Make sure to select settled status to search for the settled charges within these dates. Settled means that the fees were already deducted.

In the exported report, you can filter out all payments included in the given payout by the Settlement ID.

For more information about the Mews Payments Balance and Payment Reports, please follow these links:

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