If you are currently going through the onboarding process and would like to test the integrations that you will be using once your property goes live with Mews, you can set up test integrations in your demo property with the below steps.

Things to keep in mind:

How do integrations retrieve and/or post more data into your property's Mews account?

An integration will need a Client Token and an Access Token in order to connect to your property and read/write data in that property. This means that your integration partner will need to use a different pair of Client and Access Tokens to get a connection going in your Demo environment.

Client Tokens:

  • In the production (live) environment in Mews, each integration partner has its own Client Token. Just like a family name, which is common to everyone in the family, there is only one Client Token for each integration in the production environment, and it is unique to that integration.

Access Tokens:

Feeling tech savvy? 🤓

There is a different procedure for Mews Open API in Demo.

Follow this guide if you want to connect your printers and key cutters in demo:

How to get started:

FIRST, discuss with your integration partner if they are able to allow you to do some testing with a Mews demo and their live/demo.

They will need:

  • The Integration Client Token of the generic integration in Mews Demo - publicly available in our API documentation:

  • The Access Token you generate when you add that generic integration into your Demo hotel (follow steps below)

Generate an Access Token:

1 - Go to Mews Marketplace in your demo hotel and look for the New and noteworthy category.

2 - Find the Are you ready to integrate with Mews? integration > click "see more" > click "connect".

3 - Once you have added the integration, go to My subscriptions and go into the integration settings.

4 - Rename the integration - give it the name of the actual integration you are testing so you have a clear overview for future reference.

5 - Find the Access Token:

  • Either there will be a field to enter this into the other system (e.g. in your POS, in Zapier, in your Event Management system),

  • Or the integration partner will configure this for you.

(!) NOTE: For security reasons do NOT share tokens via email or a chat as it could allow unwanted parties to access the data in your property's Mews Account.


  • Use a secure messaging tool, such as onetimesecret.com for example, to share the access token with the partner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How come the Access Token is not automatically sent?

  • In Mews Demo, emails are not actually sent, so you will have to share them via a secure solution described above.

  • In the the production environment, the integration partner will automatically receive the Access Token via email and/or Webhook so they can reach out to the user that added the integration and begin proper onboarding.

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