What is the Spanish Police integration?

The Spanish police integration automatically generates and sends police reports for Spanish properties to the police (reports are generated daily, and reservations are included in the report the day after arrival).

The reports are created in the format required by the Spanish law and can be automatically sent to a desired email address.

Note: Only guests with identity document information will be included in the export.

Where can the integration be found?

You would need to go to Menu > Marketplace > Legal environment.

There you will find the integration for Spanish Police Report.

How to set it up?

You can follow this help guide article on how it can be set up.

What information does the integration collect?

First name

Last name




Identity document information

Which types of registration are integrated into each file?

Type 0: Only if it is a hotel group

Type 1: Hotel information

Type 2: Guest information

What are the contents of the files?

D: DNI Spanish ID card

P: Passport

C: Driving license

I: Identity card

N: Spanish residence permit

X: Residence permit for other EU country

How is it designed?

Type 1: Type of register, the value will always be 1 / Hotel code / Hotel name / File creation date (YYYYMMDD) / File creation / File preparation time / Number of type 2 records that contains file.

Type 2: Type of register, the value will always be 2 / Spanish ID card for foreigners / Type of ID document / Identity document issue date (YYYYMMDD) / First last name / Second last name / Name / Sex (F/M) / Birth date / Nationality / Arrival date

How will the export look like?

What is the format of the export?

The format of the export is a .txt file.

Which report can be used to check all the information?

The report which can be used is the Customer Profiles report.

How can I check if the email with export was sent?

Go to Menu > Queues > Mail. Here is the help guide article for more details.

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