When there is something incorrectly mapped or rates get unsynchronized, you will receive an email that mentions the source of the error.

When you see the email with an error, go to Menu > Marketplace > My subscriptions > Channel Manager Settings.

Here are some examples of error messages.

Error message about an unknown rate code

Check the Channel manager rates in the integration and see if you can find this code. If you can't find it, you will need to map it within the integration. See below how you can do that.

If the ID is in the list of connected rates, open the mapped rate and check if there is an empty space before or after the ID in the field. This could be the reason the ID was not recognized by the system.

When you make sure everything is correct, send a full update to your Channel Manager to ensure that the communication is working.

Error message about an unknown currency in the reservation

The reason for this can be that an OTA (like Booking.com or Expedia) supports a currency that is not supported by the Channel manager and/or Mews. Please, review the OTA's currency setup and fix it in the Channel manager.

If you wish to accept the currency, then it needs to be added and activated under exchange rates (Menu > Property > Exchange rates).

Reservation received with unknown product code

This error message means that a product is ordered with the reservation but it is not attached in Mews. You would need to check its mapping in Mews and Channel manager extranet.

To learn more about how the products work, check out the below article.

Reservation comes with an unknown room type code

This error message means that a new room type was added to the Channel Manager extranet but isn't (created and) mapped in Mews. You will need to review the settings in both systems to find the discrepancy and either create the missing room type in Mews and map it, or if the room type does not exist any longer, delete it from the Channel manager (extranet) settings.

New Travel Agency

This email informs you that a new travel agency arrived via the channel manager attached to an incoming reservation. This does not indicate that the reservation failed to integrate but that the travel agency information was not mapped before.

If the option Create company and travel agency profiles is activated in the channel manager integration, then the company was created and mapped automatically and it is recommended to review this information.

Attempting to modify/cancel an already canceled reservation

This means we received a modification or cancellation via the Channel manager for a reservation that exists in the system but has been cancelled already. Please review whether the cancellation was done correctly or not. In the reservation's action log, you can see who cancelled the reservation.

Attempting to cancel a non-existing reservation

This email is sent whenever the system receives a reservation with a non-existing reservation ID. Channel managers and Mews communicate modifications and cancellations with a unique channel reservation ID which can be found in the reservation module under Origin: Channel Manager: XXX. If this ID is not attached to a reservation, then the system cannot allocate the modification.

  • If you are able to find the guest's reservation but it doesn't have Channel manager stated under Origin, then the system cannot find it for this modification/cancellation.

  • If you cannot find the reservation in Mews at all, please contact your Channel manager support.

  • If you found the reservation and it has the same ID under Origin as in the email, then please reach out to [email protected].

Bad Authentication Error

If you received such an email, see the below article.

MinLos/ MaxLos/ changeovers not allowed or cannot be updated

We send restriction information to the Channel manager and this is blocked by the partner. This is usually caused by settings in the Channel manager extranet that do not allow for this type of update.

  • If you are managing restrictions in Mews and want to send this information to the integration partner, please reach out to their Support team.

  • If you are managing restrictions in the extranet and not in Mews, make sure that the operation Upload restrictions is disabled in the integration.

Inventory update finished with an error

This error message means that you have the Synchronize reservations option enabled in the Channel manager integration but not in the Channel manager extranet. This triggers an error when Mews starts sending reservation updates.

To stop the error, disable the Synchronize reservations option in the Channel manager integration.

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