What types of invoicing does Mews have?

Monthly invoicing

Charging starts on the date the Mews environment is built, which is also the date you receive login credentials for your property.

Every 1st working day of the month, the Mews finance team sends invoices to clients. Invoices are dated to the last day of the previous month.

Monthly invoicing is calculated automatically from the system to equal the number of built units x unit price.

Installation & setup invoicing

Every client is invoiced for Installation & Setup after signing the contract.

The due date on Installation & Training Fee invoices is 14 days after issuance. If there was delayed onboarding (due to a valid reason), we can prolong this date, but payment always needs to be received BEFORE the actual onboarding.

‌In this case, please contact your Sales or Customer Success Manager.

Prepayment invoicing

Platform Fees shall be pre-paid in advance. A pro forma invoice for prepayment of the Platform Fees is issued based on the Initial Unit Quantities specified in the Agreement.

Note: Pro forma is not a legal invoicing document, it is a preliminary bill issued in advance of the services being provided.

Mews is not obliged to issue the PMS log-in details when the applicable invoice is not paid.

Platform Fees

The platform fee is the amount of money that you would need to pay for using the system. It can be monthly or yearly and it is deducted from our Merchant account.

Storage Card Fees

These fees pertain to what you are charged for storing cards in the merchant. The card types supported by your Stripe or Adyen Merchant account can be found in the terms of your Mews contract.

Negative Balance

A negative balance means since the last payout you did not receive enough payments from guests to cover your refunds. Also, besides the refunds, you might have paid for the platform fees that are, also, taken from your Merchant account.

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