In general, the integration partner is expected to onboard our mutual customers and provide technical support with regards to the integration.

This article describes general best practices for your Support teams when troubleshooting.

Initial troubleshooting

API request resulted in error

In case of connectivity issues with the integration where the API request resulted in error, Mews provides a message that describes the issue to be resolved.

Data discrepancies, reports not matching

In case of data discrepancies between what the user sees in your system and in Mews, below are the two most common explanations:

  • The data sent in the API request (e.g., tax code, service ID, unit amount, item count, customer ID, etc.) was not complete or correctly formatted according to the Mews Open API documentation. See below.

  • The user is viewing a report or page in Mews that uses a different filter than the one in your system.

In a scenario where your Support teams require assistance or more information from Mews, please refer to the below escalation contacts.

First point of contact:

Email Mews Support

Please feel free to directly email or include [email protected] in the ticket/case. This automatically creates a ticket in our Support ticketing system and will be routed to the relevant product area specialist (first and second line).

  • The Support inbox is monitored 24/7, including public holidays.

  • In case of system outages, all of our Support specialists have access to the Tech team as per our internal emergency protocol.

*Phone support: Please note that except for critical incidents/system outages, dedicated phone support for Mews customers is only available if they have a Premium Support subscription.

Mews practice in general

In the spirit of transparency, when we need to loop in an integration partner in one of our support cases, we will directly add the primary support contact (if available) into the email conversation in our ticketing system, so that information shared is visible to your support teams as well.

Further escalation

Technical Partnerships Team

The Mews Support team also has access to and can further escalate the case to our Technical Partnerships team. Tickets will be internally transferred in our ticketing system.

  • The Technical Partnerships team is available from 9:00 - 18:00 CET, Monday through Friday, taking into account public holidays in the Czech Republic.

Problems with the API

In case of issues with the API where all of our mutual customers are affected, first check the Mews Status Page ( to see if the relevant systems are Operational. Downgraded performance or system outages may affect API connectivity.

Mews has an internal alerting protocol to notify the engineer on call to resolve outages as soon as possible. Please subscribe to the status page for updates.

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