For example, a property has five apartments owned by X and has just signed an additional five apartments from owner Y. In order to report the correct numbers to each owner, they need to separate their respective apartments in their Mews reports.

To achieve this, it is important to note that the new spaces need to be assigned to a separate space category in order for it work and that each space category needs to be assigned an accounting category in its individual settings. Follow the steps outlined below:

1. Create a new accommodation accounting category for the new apartments, e.g., accommodation owner Y.

2. Create the new space categories and assign their accounting category to your newly created accounting category.

3. Create the new spaces and assign them to the corresponding space category.

4. When pulling the report from Mews, such as the Manager report, it is important to Group by Accounting category.

5. The breakdown is also seen in the Accounting report.

6. If you are using an accounting integration it is important that the property also maps the new accounting categories there to ensure the correct split.

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