The system's logic when sending emails is the following:

  1. The system checks which preferred language the customer has inputted when making the reservation.
  2. If that is missing, then the nationality of the customer is taken into the consideration.
  3. If neither of them is included in the reservation, then the email will be sent in the default language that the property is set up in.
  4. As the last resort, it will be English (U.S)

Note: "Customer Added" email will always be sent in English.

What happens if there is no template in that language?

If there is no available customized email template in that language, the system will send a default Mews email template (in that language).

What is the default language per country if a country has more than 1 official language?

The language will default to English then. It is true for all Countries with multiple official languages. Please note that this is not linked to having translations in the mail template.

In which language are confirmations for OTA bookings sent?

It would follow the same logic as the system does:

1. Language
2. Nationality
3. Property Language
4. English (U.S.)

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