What sort of validation against the new API currently exists in Mews Demo?

Currently, the spaces endpoints access have been disabled in Mews Demo. However, for the endpoints that now require ServiceIDs (e.g. reservations and restrictions endpoints) this is not strongly enforced yet. So you can still retrieve reservations/restriction without specifying the ServiceID.

💡: You can retrieve and apply the correct ServiceIDs with the following steps:

  1. First call the services/getAll

  2. Then filter for the ID of the service with "Type": "Reservable"

  3. Then apply this ID for the "Service IDs" field in reservations/getAll

How will the relationship between Resources and Resource Categories look like going forward?

Resources is the new name for Spaces (rooms), and Resource Category for Space Categories (room types).

With multiple services, the Resource Categories have been moved down to the Service level while the Resources remained on the enterprise level. This means that:

  • You create the Resources on the enterprise level,

  • Then you create the (reservable) Services; these will be called Bookable Services in Mews PMS

  • And on the service level, you create the Resource categories.

You can then assign the Resources to various categories. In other words, many resources can belong to many categories.

It is currently possible to have Resources (representation of physical spaces in a property) that is not assigned to a Resource Category (categorization of the resource unit offered under a specific Service, e.g., Stay Service). Use Resource Category Assignments to determine the relationship (if any) between a Resource and a Resource Category.

Will there be multiple "Reservable" services in the future?

Yes. You can also preview the upcoming changes in the Mews Open API Spacetime Hotel using the demo login mentioned in our API documentation to see what that looks like.

Keep an eye out on our Release Notes page for updates. We recommend setting up an RSS reader or something like Visualping Chrome Extension to receive alerts when the website changes.

How would Mews handle an inventory of spaces that can be offered across multiple services?

All information on using spaces offered across multiple services can be found here:

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