If your Distributor Booking Engine is set up in chain mode, the background image will automatically be set up to display a generic photo from our database of the city your property is located in. It will look like the beautiful photo below.

Need a new photo of the city?

Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to change it to another image. Please, bear in mind that this change will affect all our clients using Mews Chain Distributor and that the picture can be used for commercial and other purposes.

Want your own picture?

In that case, we would recommend you to upload a video in the Distributor configuration. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Services > Bookable Services > Choose respective service (e.g. Stay) > Distributor configuration > Intro video (URL).

For example, you can upload a video stored in your MailChimp account (the account can be created for free).

You can also upload a short gif created, for example, in Canva (paid account required). Just remember, the file must be saved in .mp4 format.

Don't forget to also add photos of your rooms in Distributor for higher conversion! 🙂

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