If you need to find the Transaction ID for a given booking in Mews so you can use it for Google tag manager, follow the below steps.

1. Navigate to the Timeline in Mews.

2. Click on the booking.

3. Copy the alphanumeric string at the end of the booking (after the URL's last slash).

That string is the booking's Transaction ID (the unique, searchable ID of the booking).

If you want to get several IDs at once, run an export (into an .xlsx file) of the Reservation Report.

1. Navigate to Menu > Reservations > Reservation Report.

2. Enter the report filters for the bookings you would like to see on the report.

3. Click OK and select Export from the drop-down menu.

4. Once the report export runs, click on the file name to download it.

5. Open the exported file and go to the Reservations tab's Identifier column.

It contains all the Transaction IDs of all of the bookings in the Reservation Report.

To learn more about Google Tag Manager, see the guide below.

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