If you have noticed that emails sent to your guests are sent in English and not in the preferred language, see below to troubleshoot the potential reasons.

The language of the emails depends on the following factors in this order.

Preferred language of the guest

For manually created bookings, you can set up the language in the guest profile upon creation of the profile. It is not possible to change it afterwards. However, guests can change their language when they login to Online Guest Services to complete their profiles or during online check-in.

For Booking Engine bookings, the system takes the language of the Booking Engine that the guest selected when creating the booking.

Nationality of the guest

The nationality can be entered manually in the profile for bookings created in Mews.

For Channel Manager bookings we also receive the information from some Travel agents like Booking.com, but not all of them send this information.

Guests can also fill in this information while creating Distributor reservations or completing their Navigator profiles.

Default language of the property

This setting is located in Menu > Settings > Property > Globalization. Make sure you have all the emails translated in your preferred language so in case there is no language selected by the guest or nationality in their profile, they have the relevant translation for your emails.

Hint! There are some exceptions for multi-language speaking countries like guests with Swiss nationality. Since there are four official languages in Switzerland (French, German, Italian, Romansh), the emails will be sent in English as the system doesn't know in which area the guest is located and which of these languages they speak.

In case an email was sent to a guest in English even though they have a different preferred language or nationality, contact us at [email protected] so we can investigate the reason.

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