DISCLAIMER: Please note, this is not a legally approved document. We are outlining what our customers doing in Austria when it comes to the statutory requirements. They may be using Mews to achieve some of it and some third-party services to get to some of the remaining requirements.


1. What are the VAT levels in Austria?

The standard VAT rate in Austria is 10%.

F&B Products are taxed with 20%

2. Is there an upcoming change of VAT levels?

The Austrian Government is lowering tax rates from 1/7/2020 until 31/12/2020.

Both 10% and 20% VAT rates change for that period of time to 5%

3. Should deposits be used for VAT payments (in case of advance deposit payments) or not (or both are allowed)

VAT should be reported on the consumption of a service, hence hotels do not need to use advance deposits.

Reference: https://www.avalara.com/vatlive/en/country-guides/europe/austria/austrian-vat-rates.html

City Tax:

4. What City taxes apply in Austria?

City tax will be reported via a third party - Feratel. Connectivity is being supported via Omniboost. Mews partners with Feratel to allow Austrian, German and Swiss properties to register guests directly with Feratel for City Tax reporting purposes.


• Register guests directly with Feratel & Mews

• City Tax reporting

Please note that this can only be purchased by users on the Enterprise plan.

5. How is City Tax calculated?

Hardcoded in Vienna, Sankt Anton am Arlberg, Seefeld, Hermagor-Pressegger See

• Vienna:

Should be on net, current work around is on gross with 2,6407%

• Sankt Anton am Arlberg:

city tax of 2,60 EUR per person per night

• Seefeld:

city tax of 2,80 EUR per person per night

• Hermagor-Pressegger See:

City tax differs between Summer and Winter

€ 1,80 Sommer per person per night (from Tuesday after Easter - first Saturday in December)

€ 2,60 Winter per person per night

In cities with no hardcoded/preconfigured City tax we recommend using product rules, which are more flexible and can be tweaked if there are any changes to your local tax laws.

Here is the guide on how to set this up; https://help.mews.com/en/articles/4244338-set-up-city-tax

Fiscalisation requirements:

Registrierkasse (via A-Trust)

Registrierkasse is a virtual cashier integration required by law for all Austrian properties. It attaches a QR code to all bills paid for by cash or card, which the ministry of finance can scan to track payments. Hoteliers cannot connect to the Registrierkasse integration themselves, but Mews will create this for the customer during the implementation.

Packages for A-Trust company, provider of signing API and certificate issuer in Austria below:

Pre-payment needs to be completed for 5 years in advance for one of the below packages:

• €15 x 5 = €75,- per VAT number (up to 10000 bills)

• €72 x 5 = €360,- per VAT number (up to 30000 bills)

• €216 x 5 = €1080,- per VAT number (unlimited number of bills)

The integration must be completed prior to Go Live. More information can be found here: https://help.mews.com/en/articles/4245736-registrierkasse

Reference: https://www.a-trust.at/webshop/Default.aspx

Reporting requirements:

6. Are there any tourism reports required?

Hotels need to report several numbers:

- monthly: number of nights and guest countries of origin

- yearly: number of beds and other hotel information

Reference: https://www.wko.at/service/zahlen-daten-fakten/daten-tourismus.html

Our customer statistics report can help to export that information which is then reported outside of Mews. Here you can find more information on the report https://help.mews.com/en/articles/4245899-customer-statistics-report

Feratel is also responsible for guest data communication to local authorities in most areas, the integration is available for Enterpise customers https://www.mews.com/en/products/marketplace/feratel

7. Is there Foreign Police integration required?


8. Any other Statistical Authority reports required?


Data collection requirements:

9. What data of guests should be collected (and does Mews require during online check-in) by law?

o Last Name

o First Name

o Gender


o Nationality

o Home Address

o Arrival Date, Departure Date

o Signature

o For companions: Name, First Name, DOB,

o For Groups: Overall number of persons in the party, Number per Nationality

o Passport number/ID if not Austrian (In case a customer has an Austrian nationality, there is no need to add any passport or ID to his/her profile. This section on the customer profile is going to be blank and not highlighted as a mandatory field.)

Example https://www.ris.bka.gv.at/Dokumente/Bundesnormen/NOR40191866/II_88_2017_Gaesteverzeichnisblatt.pdf

Reference: https://www.ris.bka.gv.at/eli/bgbl/II/2017/88/20170331

10. Is it legal to make copies of passports?


Accounting requirements:

11. Accounting currency is EUR

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