If there is an upcoming City tax change in your country, please let us know! 😊

City tax in Mews can be set up as a City tax product or a Fixed city tax, where it will be hard-coded in the system. The process is different depending on which type of City tax you have.

Fixed city tax

Contact Mews at [email protected] to let us know about the upcoming City tax changes. We will get back to you to verify the changes.

Example of a property with Fixed city tax set up in the Stay settings:

City tax as a product

Contact Mews at [email protected] to let us know about the upcoming City tax changes.

When you are using a product for City tax, there are several steps you need to follow.

Before the day of the City tax change:

  • Split all reservations arriving before and staying after the date of the change.

Example: The City tax changes on January 1st. Reservations arriving before or on December 31st and leaving on or after January 2nd should be split in two — one reservation until January 1st and another one from January 1st.

  • Create a new product with the new amount of the City tax.

On the day of the City tax change:

  • Check out all reservations available for check out. It is not necessary to close the bills, you can check out the reservations with unbalanced bills if the guests will be staying over.

  • Create a new product rule with the action Add for the new product for City tax.

  • Change the old product rule for the old City tax with the action Cancel.

  • Contact the Support team at [email protected] to run a full update in the database. This will trigger the product rules to be executed for all future reservations to cancel the old City tax and add the new one.

  • After we confirm the update, you can verify several reservations and delete the old product rule.

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