In case that there is an upcoming City Tax change in your country, please, let us know 😊

City tax in Mews can be set up as a City tax product or a Fixed city tax where it will be hard-coded in the system. The process is different depending on which type of city tax you have.

Fixed city tax

Contact Mews at [email protected] to let us know about the upcoming city tax changes. We will get back to you to verify the change.

Example of a property with Fixed city tax set up in the Stay settings:

City tax as a product

Contact Mews at [email protected] to let us know about the upcoming city tax changes.

When you are using a product for city tax, there are several steps you need to follow.

Before the day of the City tax change:

  • Split all reservations arriving before and staying after the date of the change.

Example: City tax changes on January 1st. Reservations arriving before or on December 31st and leaving on or after January 2nd should be split into 2 - one reservation until January 1st and another one from January 1st.

  • Create a new product with the new amount of the city tax.

On the day of the City tax change:

  • Check out all reservations available for check-out. It is not necessary to close the bills, you can check-out the reservations with unbalanced bills if the guests will be staying over.
  • Create a new product rule with action Add for the new product for city tax.
  • Change the old product rule for the old city tax with action Cancel.
  • Contact Support team at [email protected] to run a full update in the database. This will trigger the product rules to be executed for all future reservations to cancel the old city tax and add the new one.
  • After we confirm the update, you can verify several reservations and delete the old product rule.
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