We’ve added a product basket to the new reservation screen, which allows you to:

  • Choose how many products you add to a new reservation (before, it was determined by the product’s charging rules, and couldn’t be modified when you created a reservation).

  • Add additional products and ancillary services to a reservation (for example, ski passes or bike rentals).

  • Add different products for adult and children.
    - This'll make it even easier to accurately quote prices for family reservations.

Prerequisite: Create your child products

Before you can add child products to reservations, you'll need to create them--you should create two different versions of the same product, one with adult prices, and one with child prices. We recommend that you add adult/child to the names of your products so you can easily see which one you're adding (for example, "Breakfast (adult)" and "Breakfast (child)").

Add products

  1. When you're making a new reservation, select the products you want to add under Products.

  2. Expand the product basket by clicking the down arrow next to your subtotal.

  3. Click the Pencil icon to edit the product count.

  4. Click the + and - buttons to edit the product count.
    -Note: You can't edit the number of people or nights the product is applied to.

Note: Once you've added products to a reservation, you'll be able to see the product count in the Items tab of the reservation.

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