We use 3DS, an authentication solution, to keep you compliant with PSD2 (a European payment security directive). 3DS requires users to authenticate payments by entering a code or password which is sent to them.

The following payments aren't authorized with 3DS unless requested by the issuing bank:

  • Payments made in response to a payment request from you

  • Payments made while checking out online

  • Payments made in the Mews booking engine (rate group settlement trigger must be set to 'Confirmation')

If you want these payments to always be 3DS authorized by default, you can reach out to support and they'll turn it on for you. What will that mean for you?

  • You'll be 100% protected from fraudulent chargebacks; guests can't claim that a fraudulent payment was made if they validated the payment themselves with 3DS.

  • Your conversion may be slightly negatively affected; some guests and banks may be unprepared or inexperienced with 3DS authentication, which could lead to slightly fewer successful payments.

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