There might come a day where a customer has to leave Mews, may it be due to new technology providers planned, due to hotel closure, a company takeover or other reasons.

If you decide to terminate your contract with Mews, please ensure you reach out to our customer success team ([email protected]) or support team ([email protected]) with a written termination letter, in order to receive a receipt of termination. Please note that notice periods differ per contract model, so please ensure you have checked your contract and T&C’s for the relevant details.

Offboarding Tasks

Our support team will reach out to you with email reminders, to ensure that all tasks have been completed prior to your termination. Support sends three reminders to the off-boarding property, depending on how far in advance we receive their respective termination letter. If it is longer than 1 month in advance, Mews support would send off-boarding instructions to the customer and upload offboarding tasks to Commander, after that support sends a reminder 1 month before off-boarding.

Reminders are sent 1 month before the deletion date; 1 week before the deletion date and lastly 1 day prior to the deletion date, which removes the access to the system from all users, and deletes the account irrevocably.

Data Extraction

Downloading data from Mews is very easy, as every report in Mews can be exported. The exported file will be provided in .xlsx format.

Which data you may wish to export for business reasons, or legally need to export differs from country to country, as does the time period (how much historic data you need to store).

So please note that you will need to decide what you feel is necessary to store externally – especially if you operate in various countries the requirements can be very different.

Here are some of the reports which clients export - please note those can be customised or expanded as required:

  • Reservation Report for future reservations: if you want to see which reservations will reach you in 2021, you can export the Reservation Report. You will have to transfer those reservations into your new PMS system (you will have to discuss with your future partner how they can incorporate your future bookings into their system, this may be manual entry or via upload).

  • Historical reservations - also use the Reservation Report for this.

  • Guest ledger and receivables – to follow up on outstanding invoices.

  • Customer Statistics Report for customer data.

  • Accounting report for your finance/accounting department.

  • Payment report for payments as well as to reconcile your payouts.

  • Manager report for a complete overview.

  • Any other relevant reports your business requires or you are legally obliged to store.

Example on how to export a report

For example, go to the reservation report. Choose the needed information (i.e. the required timeframe) in the filters on the right.

Then click on "OK" and "Export" on the bottom right:

You will see a notification that the report will be added to the export queue. Click on Exports:

Once the status changes to “success” you can download the file by clicking on the file in the result column, which will download and open an Excel file:

Bills & Invoices

We can assist you in offering a bulk download of bills & invoices in pdf format. To make use of this paid service please follow this guide.

If a guest needs a correction of an invoice after your notice period is finished, you can only make the correction in your external accounting system and manually issue a new invoice.


Please ensure you have informed/terminated your integration partners (CHM, RMS, etc.), in case you need to connect them to a new partner or terminate the partnership. Once you no longer need them, the hotelier is required to de-activate and delete them in Mews (Mews > Menu > Marketplace > My subscriptions).

Please note that you cannot delete Merchant (Stripe / Adyen) integrations, our support team will delete those after your notice period.

FC-IT integrations - If your hotel has custom-build PowerBI reports, please ensure you inform FC-IT about your off-boarding/termination, to avoid future invoicing.

Omniboost - If your hotel has integrations provided by Omniboost, please ensure you inform Omniboost about your off-boarding/termination, to avoid future invoicing.

Austria specific: you will require a final receipt from your Registrierkasse integration. It can be found via Mews > Menu > Finance > Fiscal Record Report. Here is the help guide with more information: Fiscal record report

Payment Gateways

Merchant providers Stripe and/or Adyen: We will stop the payouts before off-boarding, in case chargebacks are still received. Once the account is deleted, the remaining balance will be paid out to you automatically.

If your hotel has a chargeback deposit, the merchant balance is paid out up to the deposit amount and the deposit is kept for 50 days after offboarding. After 50 days, the deposit is released.

IMPORTANT: Once our partnership ends and the contract expires, access to the system is switched off and the account is irrevocably deleted. So it is very important to make sure that you have exported all of the data you may need in time, as we will no longer have access to it afterwards.

If at any point, you are able to re-open your hotel, start a new project or simply want to return to the Mews family, please do not hesitate to contact our team at [email protected] and you can set up your hotel in no time.

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