Now that you have completed building your integration with Mews you are ready for the next step: Certification!

Main goals of certification:

The certification process is intended to be like a test run of a full cycle of your integration to confirm that your solution is able to make proper use of the Channel API.

Some criteria that will be factored into the evaluation include whether you are meeting the minimum functionality requirements outlined in the API documentation.


If you haven't already, please fill in the Certification form to kick off the certification process. The form asks you for more detailed technical and marketing information about the solution that you have built.

Please make sure to enter your Partner ID (it looks like INT12345).

Next Steps:

Once you fill in the Certification form, please email [email protected] to schedule a 90-minute certification call. Please note that certification completion may require more than one call. This depends on performance results.

Certification outline:

  • ARI tests will be performed on the call. A Channel manager team needs to share their screen, so Mews can see updates getting processed in real time.

  • Reservation tests will be done via email.

  1. Mews will email reservation scenarios.

  2. The Channel manager will email Mews confirmation numbers.

  3. Mews will send reservation modification scenarios, comments and questions if any.

  4. The Channel manager will confirm, once the modification tests are performed.

  5. Mews will send comments and questions if any, and ask for a full reservation cancellation.

A detailed outline of certification tests can be found here.

Certification evaluation

Please refer to this article for more details about successful and failed certifications.

Once certification is successfully completed, the Channel manager will enter a pilot stage. This article explains pilot requirements.

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