When a customer filed a chargeback for a certain payment, the payment is automatically deducted from Mews and appears as a refund in the payments section of the customer. When the dispute process is over, you need to handle the chargeback in a different way depending on the result.

Chargeback is won 🎉

This is the best outcome that might happen 😊

When a chargeback is won, a new payment for the same amount will be created in the guest's billing. You just need to close it on a bill together with the previously created chargeback.

Chargeback is lost 😞

Unfortunately, in many cases chargebacks are lost because the banks are deciding in favor of their customers.

In such cases you need to balance out the chargeback refund with a product and close them on a bill. We would recommend you to have a specific product for such cases, e.g. Lost chargeback, Bad debt, Loss, etc. Then you will be able to keep track on the volumes.

To keep the chargeback levels as low as possible, see the below.

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