When you send items or products to Mews via Mews Open API, it's important to apply the correct TAX/VAT percentage so you can report the correct tax amount to the authorities.

Taxes in Mews are hard-coded, so you'll need to extract the correct Tax Rate Codes for the legal environment of the relevant Mews Account.

How do I get Tax Rate Codes for the relevant Mews Account?

Step 1. Identify the correct Tax Environment Code for the Mews Account

To identify the correct Tax Environment for the Mews Account, you need to make an API call for configuration/get.

There you can find the TaxEnvironmentCode, which will help you identify the relevant Tax Rate Codes for this environment in the next API call (Step 2).

Step 2. Identify TaxationCodes for the relevant Tax Environment

After you've identified the TaxEnvironmentCode, you can find TaxationCodes related to this tax environment.

For that, you need to make one more API call to get information about Tax Environments.

  • Create a call for taxations/getAll.

  • In the response under Taxations Code = TaxEnviroenmentCode. Ctrl+F the TaxEnvironmentCode from Step 1 and find the relevant TaxationCode

Step 3. Identify the correct Tax Rate Codes

In the same response under the Tax Rates you can find the TaxationCode, which you extracted in the previous step. Then you can see what TaxRateCodes are assigned to this TaxationCode.

How do I check the validity of the Tax Rate Code?

Some legal environments may occasionally change their TAX/VAT percentage.

For example, in 2020 some legal environments lowered tax rates because of Covid-19 measures.

In this case, Mews creates new Tax Rate Codes, so they can be applied to the newly created items or rates.

In order to check the latest Valid Tax Rate Code, you need to check the StartUTC and the EndUTC of the ValidityIntervalsUTC.

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