What are Property Configuration Files?

Property Configuration Files (also known as config files) are files used to configure the parameters and initial settings for ones' property in Mews. Properties can be profoundly complex, supporting myriad options and parameters. The Configuration File serves as a tool in order for our Onboarding team to garner an in-depth understanding of these parameters. An example of this would be a property that contains both Dorms and Rooms. The file would illustrate how these spaces would be broken down from the Dorms themselves to each individual Bed and Room.

Due to the sensitive nature of the Config file, it is absolutely imperative that all questions are answered in the specified sections. The more detailed and complete information provided the more seamless the Onboarding process becomes.

General Questions

General Questions entail a basic overview of all the main configuration points on your property. All fields within the section are considered mandatory as they are the basic information required to setup a property and crucial information is linked to these fields.

General Settings:

Property Type: This field pertains to your property type. There are 9 types which include: Apartments, Cruise ships, Hostels, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Shops, Spas & Villas.

Official Property Name: Your official property name as you would like it stated in Mews.

Already part of an existing chain?: In cases where a property is part of a group of hotels it is important to specify whether this is the case in order for our Onboarding team to add your new property to the chain. Please do note that once a property has been created it cannot be removed or added to a chain.

Contact email address: Your property's main contact email (the main point of contact for your guests).

Contact phone number of property: Your property's main contact phone number (the main point of contact for your guests).

Property address: Your property's physical address (this information will be displayed in many guest-facing areas of Mews).

Time zone: The only unalterable field in this category. It is important that you specify the correct time zone as once this has been configured it can't be changed. This can impact the accuracy of your property's reporting and many other time-sensitive aspects. If you would like to garner an accurate time zone please utilize this tool here.

Minimum price for your lowest space category?: The price of your cheapest bookable space category.


Main currency of your property?: This pertains to the main trading currency of your property. Do note that once this has been configured it cannot be amended.

What currencies do you accept in your business?: In some instances, certain properties prefer to accept and transact in multiple currencies. If this is the case for your property please ensure that all trading currencies are filled in.


Check-in time?: The check-in time of your property.
Check-out time?: The check-out time of your property.


Who are your 5 main competitors?: In order for you as a property to garner a consolidated overview of the performances of your competitors on your Mews dashboard we would require 5 of your main competitors. This is done via Social Scraping. A social media scraper refers to our automatic web scraping tool that extracts data from 3 important channels: Booking.com, TripAdvisor & TrustYou. Once the data is aggregated it will appear in the bottom right of your Mews Dashboard.


This section pertains to all (if any) Integrations you would like to connect to Mews. It is important that we garner this information prior to set up so we are able to diagnose the most efficient way to implement them. The Integrations section is broken down into 6 important sections. Click here to consult our list of integrations and specify what you would like to connect to.

Channel Manager: A channel manager is a tool that will allow you to sell all your rooms on all your connected booking sites at the same time. It will automatically update your availability in real-time on all sites when a booking is made, when you close a room to sale, or when you want to make bulk changes to your inventory. (N.B. In all cases Mews is not in fact a Channel Manager despite having a built in booking engine.)

Doorlock System: The Integration (if any) that will be managing the Doorlocks in your property.

Revenue Management: The Integration (if any) that will be managing your Revenue Management.

Accounting System: The Integration (if any) that will be managing your Accounting System.

POS Management System: The Integration (if any) that will act as your Point of Sale for your property.

Other Integrations: Any other Integrations that wouldn't fall in the above 5 categories and that are available on the Mews Marketplace.


Tourist Taxes: This pertains to any tourist taxes that are applicable in your region/area. Whilst Mews has a team dedicated to determining this, there are some instances where applicable taxes are not as clear cut.

Any other Applicable Taxes?: Any other applicable taxes for your region/area.

Space Categories

This section pertains to the Space Category structure of your property that you would like reflected in Mews. It is important to be as accurate as possible whilst filling this section in. Ensure that your space categories are ranked from lowest to highest and that all 5 columns are filled in. The columns are as follows:

Category Name: The name of the category in question.

Category Abbreviation: An abbreviation of the category (e.g. For a Double category one could name it DBL).

Category Description: A brief description of the category.

Standard Occupancy: The number of people that can stay in this category.

Number of Extra Beds: The number of additional persons that can be accommodated in this category (if any).

An annotated example of a filled-in regular Space Category sheet would look like the below example:

In the case of Dorms & Beds, these are required to be broken down firstly on the Dorm Level (Dorm 1) and then on a Bed Level (Bed 1, Bed 2 etc.). In the case of this the Dorm Space Category sheet would look like the below example:

As you can see the Dorm will have its own category as well as the Bed inside that particular Dorm type. Please ensure that each Dorm type has its own Dorm Space Category and each respective Bed does as well.

Space Configuration

This section leads on from the Space Category section. In this section, you will be required to fill in the individual rooms in your property. The format can follow an alphabetical or numerical ordering. Similar to the previous section there are 5 columns that are required.

Do note that the "Room Category" section is a drop-down selection. This data is automatically migrated from the previously inputted information in the Space Category section. The "Abbreviation" column is inputted automatically using the data in the "Room Category" section so please do not tamper with this.

Room number: Space's unique number.
Building: Only if applicable.

Floor: Space's floor number (mandatory). This affects the ordering of your spaces in Mews.

Room Category: Selected from the drop-down which is utilizing data from the previous sheet.

Abbreviation: Automatically inputted from the previous section.

An annotated example of a filled-in regular Space Configuration sheet would look like the below example:

In the case of Dorms & Beds, these are required to be broken down akin to the previous section. Firstly you'd have to input the Dorm in question (201 for example) and you would have to proceed with the beds within that specific dorm. In this case, the sheet would look like the below example:

The main dorm is represented as well as each bed that falls inside the dorm. Do note that this setup would apply to any configuration that uses spaces inside a space or for example any space that contains a Parent space and multiple child spaces within the Parent space (e.g. Suite as a Parent space and Rooms as child spaces from the Suite).

For any further information on this subject please feel free to contact your point of contact at Mews and in the case that they are unreachable feel free to email [email protected] (for Sales) or [email protected] (for Implementations).

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