How long does Mews store my cookie permissions?

  • Mews stores cookie permissions until you clear your browser cookies.

Do I have to give my consent for cookies on all Mews products, including Mews guest portal, Mews Operations and the Booking engine?

  • No. If you provide your consent for Mews to use cookies on one Mews product, the settings you select will apply to them all.

  • Any updates to cookie permissions are applied across all Mews products.

What if I've cleared my browser cookies?

Where can I access my cookie permissions (settings)?

  • You can access cookie permissions from your Mews profile settings.

What happens if I don't accept functional cookies?

If you do not accept functional cookies, you will not have access to the Mews help center, which includes access to the Mews chatbot, the ability to use live chat, to contact the Mews support team and to access new features tours.

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