What's a bookable service?

Bookable services are services at your property, like your Stay service, that can be reserved, show up on the timeline, and don't depend on any other reservation or service before they can be booked.

Why create more bookable services?

If your property has different types of accommodation (for example, a combination hotel and hostel), you can have a unique bookable service for each. This allows you to customize the booking engine for each bookable service, the emails that are sent to guests, and more. You'll see separate reports for each bookable service and they'll be clearly delineated on the timeline.

If your property offers any overnight services, like renting out extra beds, you can create relevant bookable services, then manage them in Mews.

How to create a new bookable service

  1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Services.

  2. Click the plus button in the top right corner of the screen, then click Bookable service.

  3. On the next screen, fill in all the details about your new bookable service (name, description, visit options, etc.). Check out this guide for help and additional information.

Additional setup

Once you create new bookable services, set them up by following the same steps you did when creating your original Stay service:

You can also delete a bookable service. To learn more about deleting a bookable service, click on the button below.

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