When you add a Credit Card payment, you can choose if you want to charge a guest by your Bank Terminal (PDQ) or by Mews Payments (Online Payment Gateway).

Note: the Mews Payments balance gets updated with every payment processed

If you select the Terminal payment, you need to manually charge the guest on the terminal and post it in the Billing.

You can see an example here:

Was the guest charged?

Payments are connected to the guest profile, not the reservation. Navigate to the guest's payment section to see all transactions. You can check if the guest was charged via Mews Payments or Terminal.

In the screenshot above, you can see that the second payment for EUR 100 is a PDQ Terminal payment, as there is no Identifier in the second column and no Status. This is not a Mews Payments payment.

The third payment from the top at EUR 220.36 is a payment done via Mews Payments, as each of those has a unique identifier assigned so we can track the transaction.

Please note that the Adyen identifier looks a bit different. It has 16 number in a row, for example: 1234567899999999.

If the identifier and the status column are empty, the payment was added as a Terminal Payment. Therefore, you needed to charge a guest by yourself.

We would highly recommend using Mews Payments to track payments and their status. Learn more about Mews Payments here:

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