To understand how to troubleshoot the 401 Response Code Error, it is needed to understand two Environments in Mews

The Demo and Live Environment :

The demo Environment is used for testing. Demo environment has the exact same features as Live (Production) Environment but in the Demo Environment, you will have the opportunity to test without impacting the property's operations or data.

You will find in our guide further information in regards to Mews Glossary and tips for the Mews Certification.

What is behind the 401 Response Code ?

The 401 Response code means that either the Access Token or the Client Token you are using is incorrect.

First step to troubleshoot is to ensure which platform you are on - demo or live platform

Check the Client and Access token association.

The Client and Access Token are automatically sent out to the email address registered in the Certification Form.

For further information about our Response Code, you can visit our guide in here

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