You can’t edit a bill after it’s been closed. To correct a bill, you need to: 1) create an opposite bill to cancel out the first bill, and then 2) create the bill again with your corrections.

Note: You can't create bills or invoices with a date in the past, or change their date—if you need to, you'll have to use an external accounting system.

Terms you should know

A rebate (also known as a "credit note"), is effectively a negative bill. It's used to offset a closed bill. The items posted on the rebate bill are called rebate items.

Step 1: Cancel out the incorrect bill

1. Find the bill you need to correct and open it. To find a bill, you can search for the bill number or go to Main menu > Finance > Bills and invoices.

2. Click the Rebate button, provide a reason, and click Rebate.

3. Click ˅ Payments and choose the same payment type as the original payment to create a "ghost payment". A “ghost payment” is not a real payment; it is simply a negative version of the original payment, which is used to cancel out the incorrect bill.
-Note: If the original payment was made through Merchant, create a terminal card payment to avoid moving funds in and out of a customer’s bank account.

4. Make sure the fields have correctly prefilled. The amount should be the same as the original payment but in negative; for example, if the first bill was closed with a payment of €345, enter -€345.

5. In the Notes field, enter the number of the original bill that you just rebated.

6. Click Create.

7. When the bill is balanced, you can click Close.

8. After you close this bill, review it and click Close again.

Note: The consumption date of the "rebate items" (i.e., any item listed on a bill during the rebate) is always the date that they are created for the rebate.

Step 2: Create the corrected bill

The type of corrected bill you create depends on which corrections you need to make.

Note: In France, you can't close a rebated bill if the assignee is different from the one on the original bill. You can change the Name of the assignee in their customer/company profile, but you can't change which assignee is connected to a bill.

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