Mews is a hotel management system. Integration with CLYO is based on 3 concepts.

1. When someone wants to pay by Hotel Transfer (to be activated in the payment management), Clyo will search their system for the list of guests with Mews room numbers.

2. Payment by Hotel Transfer works only from the Payment screen and not in bill sharing. (If the user clicks cancel and pays by other means, the room will still be debited).

3. At the end of the day, all the day's tickets are exported (except those paid by Hotel Transfer).

Configuration CLYO

Please navigate to Parameter > Integration and fill in the MEWS fields:

The URL should be, then get Access Token.

After setting these parameters, press Test to get the current customers. This will also fill the 2 combos, and the user will have to select a service (used when sending a single payment) and an outlet = point of sale (used at the end of the day).

Each family must also be associated with a Mews category in the family configuration screen. (Column appears after entering MEWS configuration)

Please note, that:

1. Clyo rounds to a whole value. This can have an influence on the amount debited on the room

For example 1.25 * 10 EUR will be debited 1x10 EUR instead of 12.5 EUR

2. If someone opens the day and adds a ticket, when it closes (even at the 2nd time) Clyo reviews all the tickets.

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