If your property offers more than accommodation, an event management solution will help you manage any events, conferences, and meetings, with guest data pulled directly from Mews.

These top Event management partners support the following features with Mews:

  • Post contracted revenue directly to customer profiles in Mews

  • Pull live availability and rates directly from Mews

  • Manage group bookings from Pxier in Mews

  • Get live availability and rates

  • Create a group booking

  • Create and update company and agent

  • Get, update, and create contacts

  • Post revenue directly in Mews

  • Map items directly with Mews

  • Create customer profiles directly in Mews from LetShare

  • Transfer contracted revenue and payments figures from LetShare into Mews on each date of an event

  • Digitize key event management processes to save time and become more efficient

  • Create, update and search for items in Mews or Event Temple, including organizations, menu orders, and group room blocks

  • Don't worry about updating information in two places – it all syncs automatically

  • Track catering and group pace, won and lost reasons, leads, bookings by space, and more with event reporting and analytics

  • View real-time availability and pricing of meeting rooms

  • Configure meetings with a powerful rule engine

  • Book or request meetings, with all costs and payments synced directly with Mews

  • Add an optional group booking to meetings

  • Manage a virtual group block and sync all related room reservations with Mews

  • Manage your MICE bookings directly in a booking manager and generate function sheets and more

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