Housekeeping integrations allow properties to streamline their housekeeping processes. Only the necessary information is exchanged between Mews and the integration partner, which ensures that guest data remains secure.

  • Pull reservation data and room status data from Mews API into RoomChecking

  • Change room status from the RoomChecking app, which updates the status in Mews

  • Create tasks in RoomChecking, which will also create tasks in Mews

  • Upselling capability with guest data pulled from Mews API directly from the RoomChecking app

  • Two-way connection between Mews and Flexkeeping

  • Synchronized space state change, e.g., if a room has been cleaned, the state can be changed manually in Flexkeeping and automatically changed in Mews

  • Run more efficient departments with better task management and accurate, real-time progress updates

  • Task automation for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance

  • SMS messaging for service optimization

  • Robust asset management and preventative maintenance

  • Detailed quality assurance for a better guest experience

  • Comprehensive reporting for strong owner relations

  • Pull reservation data from Mews API into HKeeper

  • Update the status of a clean or dirty room from HKeeper, which will update the status in Mews

  • Add guest request notes through Mews reservation to HKeeper

  • Make housekeeping more efficient with a simple two-way integration

  • View room status updates made in HosIntra and in Mews in real-time

  • Get excellent support any time you have a question or an issue

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