Chargeback notification

To collect the most accurate evidence, you need to identify why the customer disputes the transaction and what the reason could be.

In the chargeback notification, you always see the reason for the chargeback:

There are 151 chargeback reason codes across the four major card networks. Adyen and Stripe, our payment gateway providers, have summarized all these reason codes into fewer categories for simplicity.

Note: discrepancies can occur in the reason codes. You should always look more closely at a dispute for a specific reservation to identify the reason (stayover, cancellation, 3rd party payment, penalties and damages fees, additional services,..).

Common reasons for the chargebacks in the hospitality industry

· The guest doesn’t recognize the charge on their account

· The guest wants to avoid paying for accommodation or service because they weren’t satisfied with the service provided

· The guest has forgotten that they made a particular purchase

· The guest disagrees with paying for the cancellation or no-show fee

· Merchant error: wrong credit card charged, the wrong amount charged, discount not given

· Unauthorized payments: 3rd party payments, unexpected charges, disputes over penalties…

· Fraudulent use of the card – stolen cards or testing card limits

As we previously mentioned, each payment gateway has different reason codes. You can find the reason codes depending on your provider below.

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