This article will tell you how you can see the stayovers in your property.

  1. Navigate to the Main menu > Reservations > Reservation report or click Reservation report on the Dashboard.

  2. Apply the following filters before you run the report:
    - Under Mode, Select Detailed.
    - Under Filter, Select Stay over.
    - Under Start, select the start day for which you want to see the stayovers (e.g., 1/1/2019) at 12:00 AM.
    - Under End, select the end day for which you want to see the stayovers (e.g., 2/1/2019) at 12:00 AM.
    - Under Status, Select Checked in & Checked out.

3. Click OK > Export.

When your export has been successfully processed, we’ll send you a notification.

4. Download your Reservation Report export.

5. Open the file on your computer, and go to the Reservations tab.

6. Then focus only on the column "Night count" and sort it or filter it out in the column "S - Night count" to your liking:

Want to learn more about the Reservation report? Please follow the link below 🤓 👇

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