This article will tell you how you can see how many check-ins took place in a given month.

  1. Go to Main menu > Reservations > Reservation overview or click Reservation overview on the Dashboard.

2. Apply the following filters before you run the report:
- Under Service, Bookable services, select Service.
-Under Start, select the start day for which you want to see the Check-ins (e.g., 1/1/2019).
- Under End, select the end day for which you want to see the Check-ins (e.g., 31/1/2019).
- Under Status, Keep the default selection.
- Under Type, Keep the default selection.

3. Click OK > Export.

When your export has been successfully processed, we’ll send you a notification.

4. Download your Reservation Overview Report export.

5. Open the file on your computer, and go to the Statistics tab.

6. In the "Arrivals" column, you can see total Check-ins on a particular day.

7. To get the Total Check-ins for a month, add all the arrivals from the "Start" to the "End" date.

Want to learn more about the Reservation overview? Follow the link below 🤓 👇

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