Before creating a pre-authorization, make sure that your mews Terminal (V400m or V400c) is connected with the Mews Operations. Unfortunately, if you use V400c only with the Kiosk, it's not possible to create a pre-authorization. In this case, the guest would need to ask the Front Desk Officer for assistance.

How to make a pre-authorization?

  • Find the client's profile by typing his or her name in the search bar, or open it through the reservation;

  • Choose the Payments tab on the customer profile, find Pre-authorizations and click on +;

  • In the drop-down menu, please choose Mews Terminal;

  • Please type the amount;

  • In a few moments, the amount will appear on the terminal's display;

  • The guest can choose to tap or swipe or insert the card into the terminal;

  • The created payment is in a chargeable state under the guest's profile now.

Before the pre-authorization is released (seven days from the creation of the pre-authorization), the Front Officer can charge a pre-authorized card for the amount that is pre-authorized or less.

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