Some properties change bed linens every, say three days, and would like to track this in Mews. There are two options for how you can handle it:

1. Set up housekeeping interval for every three days. In this case, the rooms will turn into Dirty three days after the check-in (you also need to disable the Stay option "Check-in makes space dirty").

Note: This will work if you do not clean the rooms every day but together with the bed linens once every three days.

To set up the Housekeeping interval, please read the guide below:

2. If you clean the rooms every day but only change the linen every third day, you can export the Space status report. Then filter out all the reservations that have any number that can be multiplied by three (6, 9, 12,...) in the first column called "Nights" as this column shows you the number of nights your client has already stayed in the room.

To view the Space Status Report, click Space status on the Dashboard or go to Main menu > Operations > Space status. You can find more information about the report here:

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