Sometimes when you want to reprice the rate in the Pricing tab of the reservation, the "Cannot modify closed items" error might appear:

Even though the reservation is in the future, these nights were already closed in a bill and cannot be repriced.

What can you do in such cases?

You have two options.

1. Create an extra bill with your adjustments.

For example, you would like to reprice the rate and add an extra +10 EUR because the guest room has been upgraded for one night. Since repricing for closed items is not possible, we recommend creating an extra bill with your adjustments.

Here you can see that we added an Accommodation item for 10 EUR (Click on Add product and select a relevant product from the dropdown menu) as well as a payment for the same amount:

In this case, your guest will receive two bills, and all adjustments will be noted in the system.

2. Cancel an incorrect bill and create a new bill.

If you only want one bill, then the incorrect bill should first be canceled. Read the article below to find out how:

After canceling the incorrect bill, you will be able to create a new bill from scratch. Read the article below to find out how:

Note: When you recreate a bill, you will not have information about each night but the Bill items instead. You can see an example in the Bill preview below:

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