To set up connecting rooms, you can use the feature Parent Room in the space settings.

This setting allows you to make space categories dependent on one another.
It can be used for example in a hotel, where two adjacent rooms can be sold separately as well as one, e.g., an Executive Suite.

If you need any help with setting up the Parent room, please follow the steps in the article below:

After you have created a new Parent room, you will need to map this new Space category in your Channel manager extranet and Channel manager integration in Mews.

We recommend reaching out to the partner for help with the configuration on their end, and to receive the mapping code.

To map a new space category in Mews, you can find a guide for your Channel manager in our Help Center (Siteminder, D-edge, SynXis, Rental United, and other channel managers).

The Parent room will be dependent on the sub-rooms; meaning both need to be available for guests to book the Parent room. If the Parent room is booked, then the sub rooms cannot be reserved. The same applies vice versa.

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