Would you like to see Online Guest Services in action? Want to know the journey that your guests go through? Would you like to assist your guests with their Online Guest Services profiles?

In your Demo environment, you can create a reservation for a new guest. Once a new customer has been created in the system, a Customer added email will be sent to the guest.

In this email, there is a clickable button for guests to access a Online Guest Services profile. Since the Demo environment does not actually send emails, you will need to preview the email from your Mail queue.

Just navigate to Menu > Queues > Mail. You can use the filter on the right side to make your search faster! Once you see the correct email, click on the type of email as shown in the print screen below:

Here you can see the Preview button on the top right of the screen:

Voila! You can click on the Add my info button and create a Online Guest Services profile for you to test.

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