You have two options to pay for your Mews platform fees:

  • An invoice is sent to your finance team monthly or annually depending on your contract. The invoice needs to be paid by bank transfer to the account mentioned there.

  • Fees are deducted automatically from your Mews Payments balance and the invoice is sent just for reconciliation.

If you are currently paying your platform fees to Mews with an invoice, we can automate the process for you by deducting the amounts from your Mews Payments balance. If you want us to set up this automation, please contact the Customer Support team and we will arrange it.

Note! Keep in mind that if your Mews Payments balance is negative or there are not enough funds to cover the amount of the invoice, we will send it to you for a bank transfer payment.

To check your current balance, navigate to the Menu > Finance > Merchant balance.

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