When you run a Manager report you might see some discrepancy in occupancy, depending on the filter you select in Group by section.

Here you can see an example, where Occupancy is 9% while grouped by Type. When it is grouped by Accounting category, Occupancy changes to 0% instead.

Group by Type:

Group by Accounting category:

Another question you might have is why the Accounting category is "None" when you group it by "Accounting category"?

The reason for both points is that each space category has a field marked "Accounting category" and if it is left blank, this causes a discrepancy.

You will need to fill in the Accounting category for each space category, so when you run the Manager report grouped by Accounting categories, it will display the correct data.

You can check this by navigating to Menu > Settings > Stay > Bookable service > Space Categories. You can then look at your space categories and see if the Accounting category is missing in the settings.

Note: After you select the correct Accounting category in the Space category setup, it will only apply for future dates and you will still see the category "None" for the past.

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