When you would like to ensure that a guest has enough funds in their bank account, you can preauthorize a payment, blocking the funds without actually charging the guest.

You can preauthorize a credit card manually from the guest's Payments tab.

Another option is to automate preauthorization for selected Rate groups and trigger preauthorization as per the setup.

In the article below, you can see how it works for both options:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I preauthorize a card manually even though we have an automatic preauthorization for this rate group?

  • Yes, but please keep in mind that one does not cancel another, and you might block the amount twice. We recommend checking in the Rate group setup when the automatic settlement should be triggered to avoid blocking higher amounts on the guest's bank account.

When will the preauthorization be released?

  • Preauthorization is released after seven days, and then it's up to the customer's bank when they will get the money back. It could take longer than two months, but that is unlikely.

Can we create an automatic preauthorization and then charge a guest automatically?

  • When you turn on preauthorization automation, the funds will be preauthorized automatically, but the card will not be charged until it is manually captured by an employee.

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