Where do cost centers come from in MEWS? Which ones should we use, and why?

Cost centers (just like external, and ledger codes) are not generated by integrations, and you need to decide on your own with regards to which numbers/characters you wish to use to identify each ledger.

We highly recommend that you use the codes your accountant, or previous accounting system is or was using, to make reconciliation easier.

You can think of cost centers as mapping codes that help match data gathered in Mews, or via outlets, to correct accounting categories (for reporting purposes). Depending on how you organize your bookkeeping, you will not necessarily use these at all. We recommend that you do use them, however, as cost centers can help you make quite detailed calculations that would otherwise be more difficult to do.

How do cost centers work from the Mews perspective?

In accounting, there are the general accounts (linked via External Code in Mews), eg., an account for accommodation, a different account for Food, etc. Having said that, accountants also want to know where the costs come from.

Cost centers in accounting are the places where the revenue is being generated. They are a different way to look at these figures.

Please have a look below at an example of how these would look:

Food Bar external code 700610 cost center BAR

Beverage Bar external code 700611 cost center BAR

Food Resto external code 700612 cost center RESTO

Beverage Resto external code 700613 cost center RESTO

General accounts (external code) for instance, are mandatory for an accounting interface, but cost centers are optional (depending on whether you want to use them or not). Some accountants choose to work without them.

Cost centers will be particularly useful when tracking your outlets' revenues coming in from your Point of Sale (POS) integration. For information on how to set these up, see this article:

Will my accounting integration support cost centers entered in Mews?

You will need to reach out to the integration's Customer Support (and, if it is being handled by a third party like Omniboost for example, also with theirs). Then you can confirm if they are capable of receiving/working with cost centers as they are set up in Mews.

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