The Mews Operations app has a Point of Sale feature, which allows your employees to add Service products to a customer's bill directly from the app. This is especially useful when you want housekeepers to add items from the minibar to a customer's bill from the housekeeping app itself. You can download the app here.

Note: Housekeepers can add items to the bill for checked-in guests only. For a guest who has checked out, Mews Operations creates a task for the responsible department to check the bill and charge the guest, if necessary.

The Minibar represents an Additional service and you cannot use this feature without creating an Additional service in Mews Operations. Once you have set up the Minibar as an Additional service in Mews Operations, follow these steps:

To activate this feature:

  1. Go to Services > Minibar > Products

  2. In Products, select the product you want your employees to add, for example, Beer, as shown below.

  3. In the Options field, from the drop down menu, choose Offer to employee.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all minibar items.

After following the above steps, employees can now add minibar items to a customer's bill from the Mews Operations housekeeping app.

To add minibar items from the housekeeping app:

  1. In the Point of Sale tab, enter the guest name or room number in the Search bar.

  2. The display shows the guest's name in the corresponding room number. Tap on the guest name in the display.

  3. The display shows the Minibar option under the Search services bar. Tap on the Minibar option to display minibar items.

  4. From the minibar items in display, add the quantity for the product you want to add to the customer's bill.

  5. Tap on the View Summary tab. In the next screen, tap on the Add to Bill tab.

  6. The display shows the total value of products with the customer's name and room number in bold letters.

  • Tap No to go back and make changes if necessary.

  • Tap Yes to confirm.

9. The display shows that all products are added. Tap OK to confirm.

You have now successfully added the consumed minibar items to the customer's bill from the housekeeping app.

To view the minibar items added from the housekeeping app in the customer's bill, follow these steps in Mews Operations:

  1. In the customer reservation, go to the Billing screen.

  2. Under the Bill section, the display shows minibar items added from the housekeeping app in the customer's bill.

Click below to learn more about how to add, move or remove items from open bills.

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