Note: While you can already make use of the feature in some use cases, there are some more advanced scenarios that are currently a work in progress. We will continue to update the article as more updates get rolled out.


To get an understanding of the concept and how it can be applied commercially, first read the following blog post:

For current applications and planned developments, check out the following blog post:



With multiple services, customers will be able to manage all their resources using only Mews and offer them to their guests through separate sales channels, which can be connected via your integration solution.


Use case A:

A property has 10 rooms in total. They have been experimenting with offering hotel and hostel rooms, both under Stay service. These rooms were offered through a single booking engine, the communication was universal (same e-mail for all guests) and there was a mixed manager report for the entire property. When the hotel rooms sold out, the property couldn’t welcome more guests, even though some of the rooms in the hostel categories remained empty.

Here is their setup:

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With multiple hospitality services in Mews, the property can replace the original Stay service with two separate services (Hotel Stay, Hostel Stay). There will be a dedicated booking engine for each of these services. The property can set up separate emails and use the right tone of voice for the different types of guests. They can also set up different rates and cancellation policies for both services, and they will see separate manager reports.

Most importantly, they can offer rooms through both of the services at the same time, which allows the market demand to decide which sales channel wins, while keeping the property with high occupancy.

See the new setup:

Use case B:

There are other customers who prefer keeping their services and inventory strictly separated. Imagine a property running B2C and B2B businesses. They want to keep some portion of their inventory for their B2B partners (e.g. universities) and offer it on different terms, using a private sales channel. This inventory is not distributed through channel managers or the public booking engine. Again, with multiple hospitality services, this property can build two separated services and benefit from separate reports. The setup would look like this:

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Use case C (with some limitations): The functionality can also be used to manage a storage of extra beds or guest parking spots. These resources are typically managed and tracked through Excel spreadsheets. Tracking them in Mews brings a few benefits for the properties, as they can run reporting on usage of these spaces, use assignment strategy to control uniformity of its usage, and more.

Two important points: all resources managed through the system must be still booked on an overnight basis and it is currently not possible to bundle the services into a single booking (e.g. book a room + parking in a single reservation). This is how the setup will look:

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  • Ability to build multiple hospitality services with “overlapping” inventory

  • Keep inventory fully separated and use separate distribution channels, mailing and reporting

  • Track extra beds storage or guest parking lots


Important: The best way to stop offering inventory through a given service is to remove the connection between spaces and categories linked to this service. Old data and reports will remain accessible. Currently, “service bundling” (a single booking engine covering multiple services) is not supported. Each service needs to have a separate booking engine.



Use the login credentials from the Mews Open API documentation to access the Mews Open API - Spacetime Hotel.

  1. Create a new service – e.g. Apartments (Settings -> Services)

  2. In Service settings, define Space Categories (e.g. City View Apartment, Beach View Apartment, Park View Apartment)

  3. Create new apartments or use existing inventory (Settings -> Property -> Spaces)

  4. Assign the apartments to Apartments Space categories (notice that you can assign them under various services)

  5. Set up Booking Engine (optional)

  6. Set up mailing (optional)

  7. Create reservation through the New Reservation Screen

  8. See the reservation on the timeline (notice that the booked apartment is also unavailable for the other services)

  9. Check Occupancy on the Manager report

Create new bookable service:

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Assign resource under various services (categories):

Book resource in a new bookable service:

Multiple services on THE Timeline:

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Multiple services on Manager report:

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