The Set filters as default button helps you save time re-selecting filter which you already frequently choose. So how can it help?

  • If you frequently check the same statistics with Analytics you can configure your filters then set them as default. Next time you open that report, the filters will be set according to your preferences.

  • If you want to stop looking at Analytics, but pick up where you left off later you can click Set filters as default to "Pause" your session. When you return, the same filters will be selected.

  • If you have access to multiple properties, you'll normally see data for all of them when you first open Analytics. With the Set filters as default button, you can set it up so that every time you access Analytics, you'll only see data for the property account you access it from. To do that:

  1. Open Analytics.

  2. Under Enterprise name, select the property you're accessing Analytics from.

  3. Click Set filters as default.

  4. Repeat for all properties you want this to work for.

When won’t I see my default filter?

Your default filters are saved in your browser, in the hotel, under your user profile. You won't see saved default filters when you:

  • Go to a different computer

  • Use a different browser

  • Switch to a different hotel

  • Log in as a different user

  • Set the default filters for Manager Analytics then go to Financial Analytics

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