To set up InvoiceXpress, you will need two integrations:


Fiscal machine integration

InvoiceXpress integration

1- Add the integrations to your Marketplace subscriptions

  • Use the search bar in the Marketplace to look for these integrations.

  • Click on See more

  • Then click on Connect


Fiscal machine integration:

  • Select (map) all the Counters for which you want to send fiscal machine commands. You can de-select counters that you no longer wish to use.

(!) If a counter is not selected, no device commands will be generated, and the bill(s) under those counters will not be sent for reporting.

2- Configure the InvoiceXpress device(s)

For each InvoiceXpress device you have at your property, you will need to configure a device in Mews to represent and connect to its physical counterpart at your property.

  • Go into the Fiscal machine integration integration settings.

  • Click on Fiscal machines.

  • Click Enabled to enable the integration (you can do it now or return to it after you have followed all other steps in this guide).

  • Click on the ➕ button to add a new InvoiceXpress device.

  • Give the device a Name, and leave all other fields blank.

  • If there is a specific identifier in your InvoiceXpress system to distinguish between one device and another, enter that into the Identifier field.

3- Link the device you have just configured to the InvoiceXpress integration

  • Go into the InvoiceXpress integration settings.

  • Under the Connected devices field, select the InvoiceXpress device you have just configured.

  • Click Save


DO NOT add this device to your Mews Connector integration. If you accidentally did that, follow the below troubleshooting guide to resolve:

4- Await further instructions from our integration partner - Omniboost.

Now that you have completed the necessary set up, our integration partner - Omniboost - will be notified and will reach out to you with further instructions.

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