It is very common that every now and then in your property you will need to (re)educate your staff on the usage of the software. There can be various reasons, such as:

  • You have just started using Mews

  • You have hired a new team member

  • You feel like your staff needs to refresh their knowledge

  • The property was closed for the season and now is about to re-open

No worries, Mews has got you covered 🤝

Mews University

It's our platform for the online education of our clients. It has multiple learning paths, depending on each user role at your property. It has been designed, to provide the most essential information for the employees to perform their day-to-day duties. The learning path can be selected by the manager upon creation of the user in Mews.

Learn more about how to enroll your employees to Mews University 👇

Mews University Live Sessions

Live sessions are a great opportunity to hear directly from our Mews experts, ask questions, and master essential topics of property operations, such as:

  • Rates & Packages for Managers

  • Reporting for Managers

  • Reservations (for all)

  • Billing and Rebates (for all)

Learn more about how to enroll your employees at Mews University Live Sessions 👇

It goes without saying, that even after these sessions you might still have questions. Fear not, our amazing support team is available for you 24/7👇

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