Mews Kiosk our self-service reception kiosk aims to enhance your Guests' experience. Check-out with Mews Kiosk saves you on staff costs and reduces queues at the reception.

Guests eligible for Mews Kiosk check-out

Guests with balanced bills (open or closed) are eligible for check-out with Mews Kiosk.

Note: Mews Kiosk automatically closes unclosed balanced bills and, if it cannot, it automatically generates a task to notify your property.

To check out with Mews Kiosk:

  1. Guests provide their Last name and room or space number in Reservation for and click Continue.

  2. Select their reservation and click Continue.

  3. Guests see the following Check-out screen with details about how they can obtain the bill from the property. Guests click Done to end the check-out process.

Note: You can modify bills later, by having the option Allow modifying closed bills in Accounting configuration settings.

Guests not eligible for Mews Kiosk check-out

  • Guests with items to be paid

  • Guests with companion bills still to be paid

  • Guests overdue for check-out

  • Guests not yet due for check-out

Properties with a Minibar option

Properties that have a Minibar option display the Minibar screen to enquire about consumption of minibar items.

If Guests click No, then they can proceed to provide their Last name and room or space number details. If they click Yes, then they cannot check out with the Mews Kiosk.

To learn more about how to set up your Mews Kiosk click on the link below.

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