If you're wondering about the new colors displayed on the Mews Dashboard, you've come to the right place.

On the Dashboard you see circles that display different colors to indicate whether an action requires urgent attention (Red), not so urgent attention (Orange), a completed action (Green), a long-term action (Black), or an actionable item (Blue).

Space status

The Space status section on the Dashboard displays the current status of a space, whether referring to beds, rooms or apartments. You use this section to check the housekeeping status.

Different colors in the Space status represent the following housekeeping statuses:

  • Black: Out-of-order room, a long term action.

  • Red: Out-of-service room, an urgent action, you cannot allocate the room.

  • Orange: Dirty room, needs attention but not an urgent action.

  • Green: Inspected room, a completed action.

  • Blue: Clean room, an actionable item waiting for completion.

Space status report

Click on the Space status icon below Spaces to access the Space status report.

Space numbers in the Space status report are also displayed in the corresponding space status colors for easy identification.


The Timeline is a display of all bookings in a selected time period. To view the Timeline, click on the following icon located in the top right corner of the menu bar:

Timeline space blocks are always displayed in the appropriate color:

Want to learn more about Mews Dashboard? Click on the link below.

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