Mews Operations processes Stripe payments in several batches, every three days. Each batch includes multiple transactions. You can access these transactions from the Mews dashboard, within the Finance section in the Payment report.

You receive payments in your bank account for all bookings where the payment status is settled. You can reconcile Stripe payments with you bank account statements, using the Payment report. To view the Payment report:

You can also go to Main Menu > Finance > Payment Report. Apply the following filters on the page:

  • Mode — Choose Created

  • Start date — Select the date you want to check

  • End Date — Select the date you want to check

  • StatesSettled: Payments settled by Mews Payments and transferred to your account. Charged: Payments that are charged but are not yet settled.

  • Type — Select all the types

  • Filter — Choose Gateway CC payments

  • Credit cards — Select all the cards

  • Currency — Leave blank

  • Employee — Leave blank

  • Integration — Leave blank

  • Charge Currency — Leave blank

Here's an example of a Payment Report:

You can export this report in Excel sheet format.

Download the Excel report and open the file. In the Credit Card Payments tab you can view:

  • Settlement — The net amount you receive in your bank account

  • Settled — The date of payment of settlement

  • Settlement ID Every batch of payment that you receive for one Settlement ID. For example, two settlement IDs indicate that you received two large batches. You can filter all payments included in the given payout by the Settlement ID.

Note: Since you receive payments in batches, you might see multiple transactions. You can reconcile these by using the Settlement ID filter (Column V).

For example: If you receive 5,000 GBP into your account from Stripe, filter each Settlement ID one after the other, to check which of the selected ID matches 5,000 GBP. This tells you the transactions included in that specific payout.

You can learn more about payment reports by clicking below.

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